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Our friendly team will be happy to help you with your concerns. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. If your request is not resolved afterwards, our team will be happy to help you individually.
How does FanFuel work?
FanFuel enables everyone to turn their passion into a profession and become financially independent. Creators can easily set up their custom subscription plan and get paid directly from their biggest fans. This paywall-service is a real win-win situation for everyone; creators have no more dependency on poorly paid ads. Instead, their community supports them with a monthly fee and gains in exchange access to extra content, or content their favourite creators couldn't share on other social media sites. With additional monetization opportunities, FanFuel is the ideal home for your exclusive content!
How can I support a creator?
The best way to support your favourite creators is to become part of their exclusive community. Besides, you can also send tips to show even more support.
How can I report an account?
To report an account or post, all you need to do is click on the icon symbol with the three dots. You will then be asked to provide a suitable reason and further information.
Please note that the more relevant information you share with us, our team can process your request more easily and quickly.
How can I delete my account?
We are very sorry that you want to delete your profile. All you have to do is open the settings page and delete your profile via the button on the bottom. After that, you will receive an email, which you only have to confirm.
Fan questions
Why should I subscribe to exclusive content?
By completing a subscription, you will have access to exclusive content. Through this direct membership, you also support your favourite creators to turn their passion into a profession.
How can I become a part of a community?
To become part of an exclusive community, all you need to do is complete a paid subscription. Just open a profile you want to subscribe to, click on the Subscribe button and confirm the payment. Now you're part of the community and their content is available for you.
Are refunds possible?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to refund any transactions, either for monthly subscriptions or for donations. Try to contact the creator and try to find a suitable solution together. Please note, however, that the creator is also not obliged to make a refund.
How to cancel a subscription?
To cancel a monthly subscription, all you need to do is open your subscriptions page. Here you will find an overview of all active subscriptions, which you can also cancel.
Do all subscriptions renew automatically?
Normally, all subscriptions are automatically renewed after the paid period has expired. This is also the case if the monthly subscription price is reduced. Please note, however, that if your credit card details are no longer valid or the monthly price increases, your subscription will not automatically renew. In the latter case, you will receive a notification from us.
How does an transaction appear on my credit card statement?
All transactions are recorded with 'FanFuel', 'FF' or 'Stripe - FanFuel'.
3D Secure payments
All our payments are based on transactions with secure 3D authentication. You will be prompted by your CreditCard to confirm your purchase with an additional temporary verification code. If your card cannot be authenticated, your payment may be rejected or fail.
What can I do if I don't receive the content?
Please check if your transaction has been successful. You should have received a confirmation email from FanFuel. If this is not the case, no payment has been made and you will need to redo it again. If the transaction was successful and the subscription was not unlocked in the platform, please contact our support team.
I have donated an incorrect amount, what can I do?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to refund any transactions. Try to contact the creator and try to find a suitable solution together. Please note, however, that the creator is also not obliged to make a refund.
Creator questions
How do i start earning on FanFuel?
After successful registration, you have to complete your profile first. The whole process takes less than a minute and is very simple and understandable. After that, your subscriptions are already available and you can publish content and receive donations.
How can I estimated my earnings?
According to our data analysis, we predict that approximately 2-6% of your social media followers will subscribe to exclusive content. Please note, however, that this is only a guideline and can vary greatly from various factors.
How can I change my monthly-subscription price?
You can easily adjust your monthly subscription price on your settings page at any time. Please note that if you increase this price, all your subscribers will be cancelled and their subscription will no longer be automatically renewed. If you reduce your price, the existing subscriptions will continue to be automatically renewed with the updated price.
How often do payouts take place?
Payouts take place monthly with a delay of 7 days.
Where can I change my profile settings?
You can customize your personal profile settings on this page.
How much of the payout do I receive?
At FanFuel, we believe in fair payment processing rates. At 12%, the platform fee is far below the industry average. This fee is needed to make creator payouts, operate the platform, develop it further, provide support and much more.
Donation feature
The donation feature is available among all of your posts as well as on the profile. All users (including non-subscribers) have the opportunity to donate an amount to you and send you a message. You can find an exact history on the Notifications page.
How can I verify my profile?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply for verification of a profile. Our team regularly checks users to see if they meet our criteria. If you already have a significant follower amount on another social media platform, you are welcome to contact our team via email to speed up this process.
Who can see my Fanfuel page?
After completing your profile settings, you will automatically get a public profile. This can be viewed by anyone, but all your content remains hidden and will only be displayed to paying subscribers.
Where can I find an overview of my donations?
On the Notifications page, you will find a corresponding listing of your donations history.
What's the minimum payout threshold?
The minimum payout threshold is $75.
How can I remove a post?
To delete a post, all you need to do is click on the icon with the three dots symobl next to the corresponding post.
My account has been suspended
To maintain a high level of safety while using FanFuel our support team may block you. The reason for this is that we assume you have violated our Terms of Service. To get further information, just contact our support team.
How does the Affiliate-Program work?
We have made our affiliate program as simple and uncomplicated as possible. First, create a normal account on FanFuel. Now you can create a personal affiliate link with just a few clicks and are already part of the program. Share this link and you get a profit share of 8% of all subscription-related revenues from newly registered users in their first three months.
How often do payouts take place?
Payouts take place monthly with a delay of 7 days.
Is it possible to change my affiliate link?
You can edit your personal affiliate link at any time. To do this, you only have to open the affiliate tab in the wallet page where you can find the setting option.
Is it possible to deactivate my affiliate link?
Activating and disabling your personal affiliate link is possible at any time with just one click. To do this, you only have to open the affiliate tab in the wallet page where you can find the setting option.
What can I do in case of troubleshootings?
To resolve issues while using FanFuel, you can do the following actions:
- Restart your Pc
- Delete your history, cache and cookies
- Check if you have an active internet connection
- Try the same action on a different device/browser
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