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About us
FanFuel enables everyone to turn their passion into a profession and become financially independent. Creators can easily set up their custom subscription plan and get paid directly from their biggest fans. This paywall-service is a real win-win situation for everyone; creators have no more dependency on poorly paid ads. Instead, their community supports them with a monthly fee and gain in exchange access to extra content, or content their favourite creators couldn't share on other social media sites. With additional monetization opportunities, FanFuel is the ideal home for your exclusive content!
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$ 3,750
*On average, 2-6% of your followers subscribe to exclusive content.
Benefits of our community
Being a part of FanFuel gives you the opportunity to build a thriving subscription-business. We provide an easy and intuitive way to share your exclusive content while enabling additional monetization opportunities.
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No payout limits
Monthly payouts
Simple business model
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Let's talk about payment processing
Platform payments
We keep payment transactions as easy as possible for our users: Complete a subscription or donation with a few clicks, but also get the opportunity to cancel it completely flexible at any time. There are no hidden additional costs and all transactions are processed according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.
Creator & Affiliate payouts
We offer all our creators an extremely low, one-time platform fee. This will be deducted from transactions and includes all costs for processing payments, payouts, compliance, possible affiliate commissions, platform operations and all other cost points.

With monthly payouts and a minimum payout threshold of $10 for your platform earnings and $100 for your affiliate commissions, we truly believe in a simple and uncomplicated way of processing your payments.
Platform fee

Affiliate commissions
Monthly payouts
$10 payout threshold
In +56 countries available
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